Summer retreat for Conscious Couples

The Art of Loving in Couple is a project created by Juanfran Díaz and Ángeles Córdoba, which finds its reason for being in the transition from immature love to mature love within the framework of the couple. The retreat is conceived as a space for meeting and awareness to learn to love as if it were an art, this art being the most important.

Love is not born built: to grow and mature within a relationship requires courage to look at personal difficulties - usually originated in each child's childhood - and build a path of growth in the dynamics of the couple. What we call a common project, to review and update day by day.

A love relationship can develop is a mature and healthy relationship or stay childish, idealized and neurotic.
The Art of Loving in Couple is born to respond to the difficulties that are presented to you in order to feel connected and intimate. In short, in a full relationship.


About this retreat

What does it consist of?

The Art of Loving in Couple is a retreat for couples with the desire to build an emotional relationship based on communication, mutual respect, good accompaniment, sacred intimacy and the essential bond between them.

During the 5 days of the retreat we will go through the stages of the relationship that hinder the affective communication until we reach the stages that allow and strengthen the love bond between two human beings like you.

By participating in this retreat you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Do a couple's personal work. That is, a process of personal and relational transformation that serves to grow together and enjoy life as a couple.
  2. Understand the personal history of your relationship. Look inside, sharpen the listening between the two and learn to nourish deeply.
  3. Go from fear to love, through four seasons. What we call The 4 powers:
  4. Acquire new tools and resources and learn to manage them to be in a mature relationship.

This is a proposal to inspire the artists you are and draw a canvas with your partner

This retreat is a conscious trip for couples where you don't make the trip, the trip makes you!


What are you going to get?

This retreat proposes to work on communication, intimacy and connection in the couple, mature in and with the couple.

The objectives that we propose to you throughout the five days are:

  • Recognize at what point you are in the relationship, what are the difficulties in the relationship that conflicts you and how the individual injury appears and its impact on the encounter with the couple. Review the type of link you have, where you come from and where you want to walk (joint project).
  • Improve your communication and presence as a couple through active listening, assertiveness, expression and respect.
  • Feel your emotional and relational body. Feel the approach to a more conscious contact, favoring intimate spaces of encounter as a couple from trust, sexuality and pleasure.

Who practices this art becomes the best artist of his love as a couple

Our desire is that at the end of the retreat you have benefited from a more real, mature and healthy dimension of love through the practice of the art of loving as a couple.


How are we going to create this space?

In this space you will find tools and resources from different therapeutic schools and personal self-knowledge of therapists.

The methodology we propose is absolutely experiential. We offer spaces where you can create new experiences and positive records that can expand your personal repertoire and repair difficult and unwell experiences. The space is becoming a process of integration through the proposed works, exercises, dynamics and word circles.
You will have your own, group and individual spaces. Spaces to share and spaces of silence, spaces to be with your partner and spaces to be with the group.

We will handle playful, symbolic and expressive proposals to foster a creative space, in a natural environment, with a cozy house and a delicious and conscious diet. All this so that you feel cared for and nurtured.

    The space of the Art of Loving in Couple can only be respectful for growth to occur

The methodology is based on learning and deepening around the following psychotherapeutic tools and models:

  • Bionergetic Analysis
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Biodanza
  • Enneagram
  • Meditation
  • Expressive movement
  • Art therapy
  • Somatic Sexuality
  • Conscious Feeding...

All these approaches share an integrative vision of the human being: mental, emotional, bodily, energetic and spiritual.

This retreat is a safe space.


What couples is it aimed at?

For something to change and be fixed it is necessary that both parties want it.
This retreat is aimed at couples with an awareness of the conflict to be resolved or situation to improve, with a desire to invest in caring for the relationship.

For couples ...

  • In any type of sexual identity (gender identity, sexual orientation and gender role), traditional models or new models
  • In the process of personal and relational growth
  • In new relationships that want to be built from a solid, communicative and emotional base.
  • In consolidated relationships that need to be rebuilt to resolve conflicts of the past with an empathetic, integrative and loving look towards the future

This retreat is for you if ...

  • You are going through a crisis and you don't know how to manage it
  • You have difficulties in communication, intimate and sexual encounter and / or meeting as a couple in a family context
  • You want to understand and solve the unconscious dynamics that make your relationship difficult
  • You want to review the relationship models of lx unx with lx otrx and provide welfare solutions
  • You aspire to love as a couple as if it were an Art and become the art artists of loving as a couple

This retreat is for men and women in a relationship

It is advisable that both of you have participated in therapy processes, activities, workshops or training courses of personal growth. So that you already have a self-knowledge about your behavior patterns, thinking models, defensive mechanisms or, as we call it the therapists, of your character.

It is imperative that you both want to participate in this retreat. Of course, if you have already attended couples therapy, this retreat is highly recommended for you.


Facilitating Therapists

We are joined by the passion for personal well-being, healthy relationships and the awakening of consciousness.

We are Juanfran Díaz and Ángeles Córdoba and we met a few years ago looking to grow as people and professionals in health, therapy and psycho-corporeal well-being.

By joining synergies and a look in the same direction, we begin to create a common project. Fascinated by the dynamics that underlie couple relationships, we begin a process of research and study, giving rise to this retreat The Art of Love in Couple.

We can accompany you in your processes because we have gone through the experience of being accompanied and we have a theoretical and experiential understanding that, it is from the respectful and loving accompaniment that the wounds heal.

This is how we put ourselves at the service of the Art of Love in general and, in particular, of The Art of Love in Couple.



Casa rural Ahora
El Colmenar, Malaga

In the heart of the Sierra de Ronda and next to the Sierra de Grazalema.



This retreat includes:

  • 5-day withdrawal, August 5-9, 2020.
  • Therapeutic activities for each couple.
  • Emotional, corporal and relational accompaniment.
  • Accommodation for 2 people in private room.
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners on a vegetarian diet prepared every day.
  • Intimate, friendly and respectful environment in nature.

€ 885 ALL INCLUSIVE (DISCOUNT € 110) Until May 31

We have created a retreat for every couple who wants to grow up, with a budget adjusted to the characteristics we offer.

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